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Nic Vargas and Marion Anel (Go Back)

We join cute and innocent looking young gay boys Nic Vargas and Marion Anel in a hot massage session in the woods. Nic lies face down on the table while Marion massages his soft young body. He works the massage oil into his back with his fingers and pours some more on his legs. The massage starts becoming as Marion rubs his legs up and down then pulls his under wear off. He wants him to roll over right away so he can see his bare cock which is already hard from all the touching. Marion caresses his sexy chest and stomach and soon moves his hands down to his dick. Marion's soft but strong hand is wrapped around Nic's beautiful cock and begins stroking it. He then bends over and starts sucking it deep making it harder and more engorged. Marion then lies on the table so Nic can suck his cock. Nic is very good at it and deepthroats it every chance he gets. With his cock fully hard, Nic has Marion lie face down on his stomach so he can give him a deep butt fucking from behind. Marion moans each time Nic's big cock is thrust into his asshole. He has him get in the doggystyle position so he can pound him harder and faster and we get an amazing view from beneath them. Nic fucks him deep in his warm, tight asshole until he pulls his cock out and cums all over his round ass.

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