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Thomas Fiaty and Nathan Dale (Go Back)

Tom finally has little blond Nathan right where he wants him, which is on his massage table in only a pair of shorts. Twink Nathan bites his pierced lip in pleasure as he can feel Tom's graceful hands slide all over his backside, especially his cute little ass. And his ass is where Tom really wants to focus; he glides his fingers in and around Nathan's immaculate shaved asshole, sending little shivers of carnal pleasure throughout Nathan's cock and belly. Tom turns Nathan over so he can get a good look at his cock. It isn't long before Nathan's fully erect and ready for more. Nathan admires Tom's treasure trail running down his taut belly, and can't help but cop a feel, especially when Tom starts in on his cock, giving it long, drawn out strokes that make it even longer and harder. Nathan takes Tom's cock all the way down to the base, deep throating him expertly while getting his own 10 inches handjobbed. It turns out Tom's a good little deep throat expert, too, and has no problem swallowing almost every last inch of Nathan's incredibly long cock. Nathan loves a good blowjob, but he likes getting fucked in the ass even more, and shoves his cute little behind up high to take in Tom's fat dick all the way down. Tom soon flips him over dog style and then tractor position for even deeper penetration, as he's sure Nathan can take it. And Nathan can take it good.

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