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Paul Wolf and Alan Benfelen (Go Back)

Hot blonde twink Paul Wolf lays on a massage table nude out in the wilderness and he is nude because he is waiting for some dick. He heard that, if you lay in these woods on a massage table long enough, a hot gay guy would come along and give you a massage that often leads to a deep anal fucking. He gets his wish when Tim Law walks up and starts putting his hands all over his body. He acts like he accidentally rubs against Paul's cock, but he definitely did it on purpose hoping that Paul would be turned on by it. He was right because Paul's dick starts to get hard. He rolls over so Tim can massage his back. After massaging his back a bit, he rolls Paul over and starts sucking his wonderful cock. Paul turns back over on his stomach so he can give Tim a bjowjob. He takes his hard cock into his young mouth and gives him a passionate mouth fucking. When Tim's cock is fully engorged, he bends over the massage table and penetrates Paul's ass giving him a deep ass fucking. He turns him over and keeps fucking while Tim jerks off and rubs his balls. He keeps ramming his asshole deep in this position until he comes close to orgasm. He pulls his dick out of his throbbing asshole and jerks off until he drops a huge load of cum all over Tim's balls and inner thighs.

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