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Robbie Kasl and Yuri Adamov (Go Back)

Adorable and innocent looking gay boy Robbie Kasl has a passion for massage, but he loves ass fucking even more. He sees gorgeous young gay man Yuri Adamov lying on the massage table and his mouth starts to water. He gives him a deep massage caressing every inch of Yuri's supple young body. It doesn't take very long before he has Yuri's Calvin Klein underwear off and he starts playing with his ass cheeks. He looks at his tight pink asshole and he rubs massage oil all over his ass cheeks then slowly makes his way toward the hole. He rubs it making Yuri instantly aroused. He sees that Yuri is responding to it so Robbie starts softly fingering his tight hole. Yuri rolls over with his cock in the air and offers his mouth up to Robbie for a blowjob. Robbie's cock grows large in his mouth while he fondles his hard cock. Yuri turns over on his side and Robbie instantly enters him gently at first then starts ramming him. Yuri wants it deeper so he throws his legs in the air giving Robbie room to shove his dick all the way in. He keeps fucking this gorgeous tattooed brunette boy toy deeper and faster while he moans with pleasure. He turns him around fucking him doggystyle to really get in there as deep as he can then turns him back around pumping his tight asshole until it stretches and pulls out to cum all over his dick and stomach.

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