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Alan Benfelen and Erik Lenn (Go Back)

Alan Benfelen is a skinny young twink who gives a killer massage, but he's so hot and so good at it that the massages always end in sucking and fucking. That's okay because bearded gay stud Erik Lenn came for a massage, but he doesn't mind if things turn sexual. Alan rubs his athletic body all over and starts getting turned on when he massages his broad muscular shoulders. Erik turns over showing his slightly hairy and sexy chest and Alan caresses him passionately. Erik's dick starts getting hard in his underwear and it's clear that he is enjoying all of this touching and wants it to go further. He sits up when Alan starts rubbing his cock and helps him pull his underwear off. Alan takes one look at his big cock and bends right over taking the large fuck stick deep in his wet mouth sucking it deep and hard. Erik loves it so much that he gets down and starts licking Alan's sweet asshole while Alan jacks off. The musclebound stud rams his dick in Alan's asshole deep and hard thrusting faster and faster while pushing his legs up in the air. Erik then lies on his back so Alan can ride his throbbing cock. He rides it quite fast and pushes it deeper and deeper inside his tight asshole. Erik comes close to orgasm so he stands up and jacks off until he shoots his balls full of cum all over Alan's dick and thigh.

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