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Ryan Olsen and Oscar Hart (Go Back)

It's a romantic scene as Oscar invites Ryan to lie down on his massage table for a soothing, full body rubdown. The candles are lit, and Oscar gently pours oil on Ryan's supple body. He uses feathery, soft strokes to get Ryan good and relaxed. He rubs his chest and legs, ever so slightly letting his hands brush against Ryan's sac and shaft. Oscar genuinely enjoys his work as he gets to admire Ryan's gorgeous body lying on his massage table, at his mercy. It isn't long before Ryan's cock is fully erect and engorged, springing off his slender belly and inviting Oscar to touch it. Oscar teases him by making him wait and has him flip over on his back. Oscar can't resist touching himself at this point, and shoves his hand down his briefs to massage his own cock while running his hands all over Ryan's oiled body. He has a cock in each hand, massaging them both. Ryan lifts his sweet little ass up in the air, inviting Oscar to touch everything. Before long it's a mutual suck fest with both boys giving each other delicious head 69 style. Oscar flips Ryan over so that he can rub his cock between Ryan's smooth ass cheeks, getting him ready to take his dick all the way in. Oscar's incredibly limber body fucks Ryan tractor style, pummeling his anus good and deep. Then Oscar fucks him missionary, giving him a simultaneous handjob so that he'll cum hard for him.

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