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Ariel Black and Vitali Kutcher (Go Back)

Vitali Kutcher is on his stomach and letting Ariel Black do whatever it takes to relax his entire body with is hands. He spends a whole lot of time oiling up his feet ant working his naked soles. He even takes the time to rub his long toes and make sure they’re as soft as they can possibly get. Then he moves up and slides his hands right up under his shorts to work his thighs and ass muscles. The sensation makes Vitali’s cock starts to grow and Ariel is more than happy to work that muscle just as thoroughly. First he gets a little reward, though. He sits back on the weight bench and Vitali attacks his cock with his warm mouth. He gets right on his knees and sucks it until it’s almost ready to shoot into his mouth. They’re not ready for that, yet. Vitali lays back and lets Ariel climb right up on him. He slides his thick penis into his tight asshole and rides it like an expert. He even jerks his own cock while he jumps up and down on his friend’s balls. It doesn’t take long for the both of them to cum.

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