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Carl Ross and Tim Law (Go Back)

One of Tim's friends had a surprise birthday present for him, and had him lie down nude on a massage table in the woods to await his gift. His gift was a full body massage from beefy, athletic Carl, the best masseur in town. Carl eagerly got to work on Tim's slender, lean body, rubbing him down all over with gel and warm, strong hands. Tim was already thinking this was the best b-day ever, getting manhandled by a hot blond stud, but it only got better. He wished Carl would do more, and his wish was granted. Soon Carl was fondling his cock, and Tim was even more pleased when Carl started sucking him to perfection, slipping his lips, tongue, and throat all over his rock hard shaft. Birthday boy or not, Tim was going to return the favor, and gladly started giving hot Carl a blowjob, relishing the taste of his salty cock jutting out from his muscled body. Carl had been told beforehand that Tim loved bottom, so he didn't hesitate to have him assume the position and glide his meat into Tim's waiting asshole. Carl's muscular hips and ass pumped Tim hard and fast in just about every position possible on a massage table in the woods. They both relished the warm sunshine on their beautiful bodies as they made hot gay love for Mother Nature. Carl lovingly stroked Tim's back and neck as he plowed his ass, making them both cum in hot steamy spurts.

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