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Oscar Hart and Yuri Adamov (Go Back)

Yuri is lying on a massage table against a beautiful city backdrop out in the woods when, almost out of nowhere, Oscar comes up to rub his beautiful, slender body down with oil and masculine skill. Oscar kneads and presses against the backs of Yuri's shapely thighs, knowing full well that Yuri's cock is getting hard under his grey camo briefs. He rolls him over and can't wait to get his delicate hands on Yuri's cock. He touches his dick with feathery strokes followed by deep, plunging grasps, getting Yuri even more aroused and ready for more. Oscar starts tonguing Yuri's hard nipples, teasing him a little before finally taking almost every inch of Yuri's amazing cock into his mouth and down his delicate throat. He licks and sucks him sensuously, enjoying Yuri's moans of pleasure. Now Yuri returns the favor by taking Oscar's cock into his mouth while he masturbates. Soon Oscar pins Yuri's legs back for a missionary style fuck. Yuri's full lips pout and purse in ecstasy as Oscar rams his perfect cock deep into his sensitive asshole. Oscars slim buttocks clench and flex as he pumps himself into Yuri. Then he bends him over the massage table and enters him from behind, enjoying the delicious view of Yuri's fine young ass. Oscar nibbles at the back of Yuri's white neck while giving him a reacharound. He positions Yuri onto his hip for a side fuck before shooting his load on the crests of Yuri's white ass cheeks.

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