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Casey Filips and Desmond Cooper (Go Back)

Casey Filips is working the massage table and Desmond Cooper is the one who gets to enjoy it. He gets his whole body covered in oil as the magic fingers do their job. He gets his chest worked and his calves massaged. He even gets to enjoy a nice foot run and each finger caressed. Then it’s time for his stiffest muscle to get the attention. Casey pulls it out from under his shorts and just starts jerking it right there. The oil helps his hand slide up and down the shaft until he gets the load ready to shoot out. No one knows a cock better than the guy who owns it, though. So Casey drops it and goes back to massaging his hot body. Desmond picks his own dick up and starts to jerk it himself while enjoying his deep tissue massage. He feels the hands all over his body while he works his shaft and rubs his head. He closes his eyes and lets his head fall back as the cum starts to shoot out and cover his own stomach up. Casey makes sure to keep on massaging him until every last drop is out of his ball sack.

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