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Dick Casey and Ryan Torres (Go Back)

Well-muscled and athletic Dick Casey and slender, pale Ryan Torres know that an innocent massage never stays that way for long when two hot gay boys are involved. Dick knows he won't have to try very hard to seduce sexy Ryan, but he enjoys the game of getting him aroused all the same. He pours oil on Ryan's lean body, working his back and shoulders with oil and his strong hands. Then he takes off Ryan's underwear, greatly enjoying the view and feel of his fine young ass at his mercy on the table. Ryan melts under Dick's masculine touch, and gets even more into it when Dick begins to skillfully stroke and tug his man meat. Ryan quickly get hard, practically bursting out of his glistening foreskin. Dick can't stand the pressure of his own rock hard cock against his boxer briefs any longer and frees his springing dick free to give it some much needed attention. And Ryan is more than willing to give that big cock some serious love with his greedy mouth. Dick also gives Ryan a master handjob before deciding he needed to stuff his fat cock into Ryan's beautiful asshole. He positions him into legs in the air missionary, and gets to work burying his cock into Ryan's oiled asshole. The boys make intense eye contact as they fuck, getting more into each other with each passing minute. Ryan loves watching himself in the headboard mirror as he rides Dick looking sexy as fuck.

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