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Elijah Young and Ryan Olsen (Go Back)

Thin and insatiable twinks Elijah Young and Ryan Olsen set up a massage table in a beautiful location in a canyon with a lake in the background. They are overwhelmed by their majestic surroundings so they start kissing immediately. Cute redhead gay boy Elijah pulls Ryan's pants down and starts playing with his cock through his underwear. We see that Elijah's cock and balls are huge and his dick is already hard from kissing Ryan. Elijah then climbs on top of the massage table face down and he can barely lie down because his dick is so hard. Ryan squirts the massage oil all over him and massages him deeply. He has him roll over so he can take his underwear off and squirt massage oil on his cock. He caresses his cock up and down as it becomes engorged in his hand. He rubs oil on the rest of his body then comes right back to his amazing cock. They start kissing again and squeezing each other's boners before laying a blanket out on the ground. Ryan sits on the blanket while Elijah sucks his cock so deep that he almost chokes on it. Elijah then sits on the blanket while Ryan sits on top of him riding his huge fuck stick. They change positions and fuck from the side. Ryan jerks off while Elijah fucks him from behind and kisses his nipple. He fucks him harder and faster until they both cum all over his smooth stomach.

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