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Elijah Young and Will Sims (Go Back)

Cute and petite young redhead Elijah Young loves to fuck in pretty locations to add to the intimacy of hardcore gay fucking. That's why he takes good looking gay boy Will Sims out to this location so they can have a romantic gay fuck. Will likes him right away and starts rubbing his cock through his underwear. They both take their pants off and Will climbs up on the massage table for a massage. Elijah rubs his back for a little bit, but he wants to get ahold of his front. He rubs the massage oil into his chest and nipples while Will lies there in ecstasy with his eyes closed. Elijah keeps rubbing over his cock and it gets harder and harder each time he touches it. Elijah then pulls his underwear off and Will starts giving him a blowjob while Elijah jerks him off. They decide they want to go somewhere more intimate so they put their clothes back on and go where they can have sex in a bed. They start kissing on the bed and taking each other's clothes off. They can't wait to fuck. Elijah opens his mouth wide and starts sucking Will's cock deeply while stroking it up and down. Will then climbs on top of him and Elijah squeezes his cock while he is fucking him deep and hard in the ass. Elija then fucks him doggystyle and goes back to fucking missionary while Will jerks off and they both cum all over his stomach.

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