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Jesse Jenkins and Carl Ross (Go Back)

Jesse Jenkins and Carl Ross are two gorgeous gay boys who go out in the middle of the woods for a hot massage session out in nature among some beautiful trees. Carl lies face down on the massage table and Jesse admires his sweet round ass when he puts it up in the air. He takes out the massage oil and starts rubbing it on his soft body. It doesn't take long before he has his underwear off and he's rubbing oil all over his supple and naked ass. This makes both of them very aroused so Carl rolls over and Jesse takes his big cock in his hands and starts giving him a spirited blowjob. Feeling his mouth on Carl's cock gets Jesse horny so he reaches down his pants and starts playing with his own cock while he's giving the blowjob. Carl wants to feel some cock in his mouth too so Jesse straddles the massage table while Carl gives him a blowjob and grabs his ass to force his cock deeper in his mouth. Carl then bends over spreading his ass cheeks apart because he is dying to be fucked hard. Jesse enters him as he moans. We get a nice view of both of their cock and balls as Jesse bangs his asshole hard and deep until he pulls out and jacks off all over his balls. He is so euphoric from draining his balls that Jesse has to walk up and kiss Carl one more time.

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