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Lukas Novy and Andrew Kitt (Go Back)

Toned and athletic boy Andrew lies nude on a massage table out in middle of a wooded area while sexy toyboy Lukas works him over. Lukas is an awesome masseur with firm but gentle hands to go with his sweet face and body. Andrew quickly relaxes and gets extremely horny, especially after seeing the giant bulge in Lukas's jeans right at eye level. Lukas pulls and strokes Andrew's beautiful cock, making it hard and pulsing and ready for gayboy action. Andrew's cock throbs with pleasure but he needs more. They both get on the ground and Andrew greedily takes Lukas's fine cock into his mouth, sucking it deep. The head of Lukas's dick is huge, but Andrew takes it all in and goes down for more. Now Andrew wants his asshole filled, too, and opens and spreads for Lukas's superior cock. Andrew pulls and strokes his engorged man mean while Lukas plows him from behind against a tree. Their slender and well-exercised bodies sweat and grind against each other. Andrew rides Lukas reverse cowboy, loving the sensation of bouncing up and down on Lukas's sweet cock and Lukas getting an eyeful of his precious asshole. Lukas rears up to get even deeper into Andrew's fine ass and see him masturbating himself. Andrew jerks himself off with Lukas's dick deep in his ass and cums all over his own flat belly before Lukas pulls out and blows his load all over his ass from behind. Sweet gay love satisfaction all around.

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