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Lukas Novy and Carl Ross (Go Back)

Lukas Novy is a stunning brown skinned gay stud who is giving Carl Ross a sexy massage outdoors with the beautiful backdrop of nature. Carl lies on his stomach on the massage table while Lukas gets horny from massaging the muscles on his strong back. He shows just how horny he is when he turns him over and starts rubbing his chest and admiring his muscles. This sends their arousal skyrocketing and they start kissing. They are so into each other that they decide to take it into the bedroom so they can get even more intimate and start taking each other's clothes off. Their kissing gets more passionate as they lie on the bed caressing each other's bodies all over. Soon, Lukas's pants are off and Carl is sucking his cock deeply and energetically. He starts rubbing his own dick because it feels so good to have Lukas's dick in his mouth. After the blowjob, Carl gets on the bed and offers his asshole to Lukas to ravage. Lukas rams his fuck stick deep inside him and pushes it in until he's balls deep. His ass jiggles as he thrusts hard filling him with cock. He lies down on his side with his legs spread so he can play with his dick while he is getting fucked in the ass. He gets his gay butt pounded hard until Lukas pulls out and shoots a load of sticky warm cum all over his balls.

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