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Luke Ward and Dick Casey (Go Back)

Luke Ward is a breathtaking and muscular gay boy with strong hands who is giving smooth young twink Dick Casey a deep massage, but what he really wants is some deep fucking. He pulls Dick's underwear off showing his soft round ass. He massages and caresses his ass and legs. He rubs his inner thighs and keeps moving up. He is good at this massage thing and really gets into it when he starts rubbing massage oil all over Dick's ass. He has Dick roll over on his back so he can rub massage oil on the front of his thighs right next to his cock. He finally can't resist and grabs his cock to start stroking it. Dick's dick gets hard immediately and grows harder and harder in Luke's hand as he jerks him off. He walks up toward Dick's head and Dick grabs Luke's cock and puts it in his mouth. He jerks him off and gives him a hot blowjob then Luke moves down and gives him a blowjob as well. Dick then sits over on the side with his legs in the air and Luke starts rubbing massage oil all over his tight asshole and balls. He enters him with his hard cock and starts pounding his sweet hole. Luke wants some cock too so he starts riding Dick who penetrates him deep. They finish by Luke fucking Dick from behind and dropping a thick load of cum on his balls that drips down to his asshole.

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