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Luke Ward and Yuri Adamov (Go Back)

Masculine and athletic looking gay boy Yuri has loves to receive a good massage, but he loves dick sucking and ass fucking even more. Pretty boy Luke is just the ginger ticket for his lust, and he gets hard just thinking about all the things he wants to do with Luke and his young, thin body. Luke pulls down Yuri's jockey shorts and gets to work massaging his muscular and toned ass. Poor Luke can barely contain himself at the beauty of Yuri's athletic body, and can't wait to taste his cock. He slowly rubs his hands over Yuri's oiled skin, pleased with knowing Yuri is undoubtedly aroused. Wanting to be sure he has a raging hardon, Luke turns him over and gets to work massaging his cock. Luke is practically bursting out of his pants, so he takes them off to let his cock spring free so that he can lovingly suck Yuri's shaft and head. But Luke needs to feel Yuri's cock in his ass, and presents his immaculate asshole to Yuri for him to fuck dog style. He pumps Luke long and hard, making him moan and gasp with each good thrust. Luke's hips buck up and down with Yuri's hard cock, and he loves the sensation of being so fully filled with cock while he jerks his own shaft preparing to cum. He shoots his load all over his belly and hand before Yuri pulls out and squirts all over Luke's smooth face and white neck.

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