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Marion Anel and Jerome Fisher (Go Back)

Marion Anel looks so smooth and radiant from head to toe with tattooed arms as he lies on a massage table in the middle of the woods. Jerome Fisher is another soft young gay boy who comes along to give Marion a massage. His soft touch helps Marion become totally relaxed. Apparently it makes him horny as well because he rolls over so Jerome can take his underwear off and rub massage oil all over the front of his body. While his right hand is caressing his chest, he grabs his cock with the other hand and it instantly starts getting hard. He jerks him off while continuing the massage and Marion's cock becomes fully engorged in his hand. He takes his shirt off and starts giving him a blowjob while continuing to caress his chest. Jerome then walks over to the edge of the table so Marion can give him a blowjob while lying on the table. Jerome gets so horny from the blowjob that he has Marion bend over on the table while he eats his asshole out shoving his tongue deep inside. He buries his face in his asshole getting it wet with his tongue while he jerks off. Jerome then climbs up on the table and spreads his legs wide so Marion can penetrate his asshole with his fat cock. Jerome jerks off intensely while he gets fucked and rides Marion's cock until he jumps down and shoots a load of cum in Marion's mouth.

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