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Thomas Fiaty and Jose Manuel (Go Back)

Things are already a bit steamy from the first second of this hot gay massage scene featuring gorgeous young gay studs Tom Fiaty and Jose Manuel. Jose is already nude on the table with his luscious ass on display as Tom rubs him down with massage all over him and caresses his body all over. He is clearly fixated on his ass because he keeps rubbing his round ass cheeks and playing around with his asshole. He has him roll over because he wants to play with is dick. It is soft as well, but he is about to make it very hard. He can't stand it anymore and bends down to slide the growing cock in his warm, wet mouth. Tom still has Jose's cock in his hand when he steps up by Jose's head. Horny from having Tom's hand on his cock, Jose starts giving him a sensual blowjob. They move over to a small bed on the side so Jose can suck his cock deeper. Jose is so hard from the feeling of sucking cock that he sits down so Tom's throbbing dick so he can ride it. Tom sits down hard on his cock until it slides balls deep in his ass and he starts jacking off while he's being fucked. They switch and Jose starts fucking Tom hard from behind. They switch positions again and Jose bangs Tom hard in the ass while Tom jerks off and cums all over his stomach. Jose pulls out and does the same.

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