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Elijah Young and Thomas Fiaty (Go Back)

Elijah is lying down on the massage table, stroking his long cock in the sunshine. Tom strides over to begin giving him a massage, dribbling warm oil on ginger Elijah's hairless, sleek body. He starts rubbing down his chest, letting his strong fingers glide over Elijah's soft skin, ever so slightly brushing his hands over his hard cock, teasing him. Tom squirts more oil on Elijah's firm cock, working the oil in using long strokes. Tom's also excited, and can't help giving his own shaft a tug and stroke. Tom can't wait any longer to suck Elijah's rod, and takes him deep into his mouth and throat while letting Elijah work him over with his hand, both getting to release some of the tension built up in their gorgeous cocks. Tom walks around and gently puts his dick into Elijah's waiting, sweet mouth, enjoying the sensation of Elijah's tongue and lips all up and down his phallus. Tom's asshole is throbbing with desire, and he gladly takes Elijah's rod in deep, moaning with every stroke deep inside his anus with his legs in the air. Elijah's slender body flexes in the sun as he gently plunges his cock into Tom's tight asshole. He soon picks up the pace, bucking his hips and fucking Tom long and hard. He keeps fucking Tom in a variety of other positions until he shoots his load all over Tom's ass in enormous white hot spurts. Tom then sensuously jacks himself off on the table.

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