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Lukas Novy and Alan Benfelen (Go Back)

Cute boys Lukas and Alan love to get naughty outdoors, where the fresh air and sunshine get them horny and hot for each other just that much faster. Lukas takes good-looking and muscular Alan out to this location so they can have a romantic gay rendezvous. Alan gets hard just knowing how the great outdoors gets Lukas ready for hot gay fucking, and it doesn't take long before his cock is bulging and pulsing in Lukas's slender little hands. Lukas rubs the massage oil into Alan's firm chest and hard nipples while Alan lies there in ecstasy with his eyes closed. Lukas keeps stroking and rubbing his cock before opening his sensual mouth wide to take in all of Alan's meat. His jaw flexes as he has to open wide to get it all in and down his slender throat. Alan moans in abject pleasure at the sensation of being that far down Lukas's throat, and grabs Lukas's cock and starts jerking him off. Two big cocks pulse in pleasure at another man's touch, and they can't wait to really fuck. Lukas squats over Alan, taking his cock deep into his ass and riding him fast and hard. His lithe body ripples and flexes as he spreads his legs wide to receive Alan's fine tool. They get on the ground and fuck cowboy style, and you know Lukas has some mad strong thigh muscles to get pumped like that for so long. Lukas's clean white asshole loves every minute of it.

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