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Latest Episode: Casey Filips and Desmond Cooper

Casey Filips is working the massage table and Desmond Cooper is the one who gets to enjoy it. He gets his whole body covered in oil as the magic fingers do their job. He gets his chest worked and his calves massaged. He even gets to enjoy a nice foot run and each finger caressed. Then it’s time for his stiffest muscle to get the attention. Casey pulls it out from under his shorts...

Latest Episode: Carl Ross and Tim Law

One of Tim's friends had a surprise birthday present for him, and had him lie down nude on a massage table in the woods to await his gift. His gift was a full body massage from beefy, athletic Carl, the best masseur in town. Carl eagerly got to work on Tim's slender, lean body, rubbing him down all over with gel and warm, strong hands. Tim was already thinking this was...

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